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How Does Identity Theft Impact Home Insurance?

Today’s nightmare is identity theft. Hackers get into computers to steal personal information. The first we learn of it is when we discover three mortgages have been taken out on our houses. Luckily for us, identity theft insurance can be added to our homeowners’ policies for extra consideration. Here’s how Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX sees it.

What Identity Theft Insurance Can Do

Identity theft insurance won’t recover your lost cash, but it will help with reversing the fraud, fixing your credit score, and securing your accounts. Other things include:

    • Lost wages from work as you work on the theft

    • Copies of all three credit reports

    • Lawyer fees

    • Financial institution fees

Some savvy insurance companies already have identity theft built into their policies, so check first.

Is Credit Monitoring Included in Identity Theft Insurance?

Many insurance companies offer some level of credit monitoring while others leave it to credit monitoring “services.” If the company carries it, all three credit bureaux will be monitored, with alerts to the insured of the smallest change in the reports. 

Why Is Identity Theft Insurance Attached To Homeowners’ Policies?

Institutions loaning money on mortgages want it repaid. When they give “you” money for a house in Denver or a vacation cottage in Palm Beach, they want that repaid as well. If they hear you calling to tell them that you don’t have a vacation cottage or another house in Denver, then they swing into action to set things right.

Reach Out To Us

Identity theft insurance is written into homeowners’ policies to protect both the homeowner and financial folks. Everyone wants their identity restored so things can go back to normal. Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX wants this for you, so drop into the office or call to discuss this necessary insurance.

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