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How Does Identity Theft Impact Home Insurance?

Today’s nightmare is identity theft. Hackers get into computers to steal personal information. The first we learn of it is when we discover three mortgages have been taken out on our houses. Luckily for us, identity theft insurance can be added to our homeowners’ policies for extra consideration. Here’s how Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX sees it.

What Identity Theft Insurance Can Do

Identity theft insurance won’t recover your lost cash, but it will help with reversing the fraud, fixing your credit score, and securing your accounts. Other things include:

    • Lost wages from work as you work on the theft

    • Copies of all three credit reports

    • Lawyer fees

    • Financial institution fees

Some savvy insurance companies already have identity theft built into their policies, so check first.

Is Credit Monitoring Included in Identity Theft Insurance?

Many insurance companies offer some level of credit monitoring while others leave it to credit monitoring “services.” If the company carries it, all three credit bureaux will be monitored, with alerts to the insured of the smallest change in the reports. 

Why Is Identity Theft Insurance Attached To Homeowners’ Policies?

Institutions loaning money on mortgages want it repaid. When they give “you” money for a house in Denver or a vacation cottage in Palm Beach, they want that repaid as well. If they hear you calling to tell them that you don’t have a vacation cottage or another house in Denver, then they swing into action to set things right.

Reach Out To Us

Identity theft insurance is written into homeowners’ policies to protect both the homeowner and financial folks. Everyone wants their identity restored so things can go back to normal. Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX wants this for you, so drop into the office or call to discuss this necessary insurance.

Tips to improve your gas mileage

Driving a car that gets great gas mileage can certainly help you save money here in the Midlothian, TX area and be kinder to the environment. Here are some tips from us at Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC to help you improve your gas mileage so you can get the most out of every tank of fuel.

Tips to improve your gas mileage

1. Keep up with maintenance:

Regularly check and change the oil, air filter, tires, etc. as recommended in your car’s manual. This will ensure that your engine runs at its peak efficiency and helps you get better fuel economy. 

2. Practice defensive driving:

Avoid excessive speeding and abrupt stops as this can cause your vehicle to consume more fuel than necessary. 

3. Go easy on the accelerator:

Accelerate slowly and maintain a steady speed for maximum fuel efficiency. 

4. Reduce aerodynamic drag:

Remove any excess weight from your car, such as bike racks or other cargo carriers when they’re not in use, to reduce the amount of drag on the vehicle. 

5. Use cruise control:

When appropriate, set cruise control to maintain a steady speed; it uses less fuel than accelerating and decelerating frequently with manual speed changes.  

6. Minimize idling:

When stopped, turn off the engine rather than letting it idle for more than 30 seconds; idling burns unnecessary fuel and causes engine wear. 

7. Maintain your vehicle:

Regularly inspect and maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendations; this will ensure that the engine is running at peak efficiency. 

We Are Here To Help!

These tips can help you save money on gas while also reducing your environmental footprint! For more gas-saving tips, or to explore an auto policy that can meet both your needs and your budget, give us at Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC a call today. We are proud to serve the Midlothian, TX area.

What You Need to Know About Life Insurance

It’s crucial to have a will or some other plan in place to provide for your loved ones in the case of your death while navigating through life. Life insurance is a cornerstone of the financial strategies we help our clients develop at our agency in Midlothian, TX.

Here are important factors to think about while deciding whether or not to buy life insurance:

In what ways is it crucial to have life insurance?

Your loved ones should not have to worry about money after your death, and life insurance is designed to do just that. Life insurance can ease your mind by ensuring that your family will be provided for in the event of your untimely demise.

The Varieties of Life Insurance: What Are They?

Term life insurance is less expensive and provides protection for a set number of years (10-30 years). Coverage from a permanent life insurance policy lasts throughout the insured’s whole life, and the savings component can grow over time. All types of insurance have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to discuss your options with an insurance professional.

How Much Life Insurance I Should Buy?

Your age, income, debts, and financial goals are just some of the variables that will determine how much life insurance you need. You should have ten to twelve times your annual income in life insurance coverage at the very least. Our experienced agents can advise you on the level of protection that best meets your needs.

Get in Touch With Amy Tounget Insurance Agency, LLC 

Contact Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX now to learn more about life insurance. Allow us to assist you in keeping your loved ones safe.

Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover Wind Storms?

Living in Midlothian, TX means being prepared for the occasional wind storm. The best way to protect yourself and your home from damage caused by windstorms is to ensure you have the right insurance coverage. Knowing what your home insurance policy covers—and what it doesn’t—is essential to keeping your family safe and secure during a storm.

Windstorm Coverage Basics 

Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies will provide coverage for windstorm-related damage, including damages caused by hail, wind, and rain. However, this coverage may be limited or excluded depending on your policy type. That’s why it’s essential to read and understand your policy to know what it covers.                               

What About Damage Caused By Tornadoes and Hurricanes? 

Tornadoes and hurricanes can cause severe damage, so it’s essential to understand what kind of protection you have when these powerful storms strike. Most standard homeowners’ policies do not include coverage for tornadoes or hurricanes.

To receive this protection, you may need to purchase a special endorsement or add-on from your insurance company that specifically covers these storms. Keep in mind that these endorsements can be expensive, so be sure to shop around before deciding on a policy that meets your needs.                  

Contact Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC for Home Coverage

Windstorms can cause extensive damage if not adequately protected against the right insurance coverage. Fortunately, at Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC, we offer comprehensive home insurance policies tailored for residents in Midlothian, TX that include all the coverages for protecting your home from potential wind storm damages. Contact us today to learn more about our windstorm coverages and how we can help keep you safe during even the strongest storms!

Facts About Auto Insurance

If you are looking for auto insurance, you probably already know that most states require liability coverage. There are probably things that you don’t know about this vital coverage. Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Midlothian, TX community, is here to assist. 

Here are some surprising facts regarding auto insurance:

Age affects the cost of your auto insurance

Teenagers are at a higher risk of getting into an accident due to their age and inexperience. Teenagers can pay over 2 to 3 times as much as someone over 25, especially if they have a policy that is not part of their parents’. As you get older, the price decreases until you get to 65. After 65, insurance increases again because of vision problems and other conditions that can occur as you age.

The price of auto insurance varies by state

Some states charge higher rates than others when it comes to insurance. Below are listed the most expensive states and cheapest states.

Top 5 most expensive states

  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Delaware
  • Michigan
  • California

Top 5 least expensive states

  • Ohio
  • Maine
  • Idaho
  • Vermont
  • Oregon

There are ways you can save money

There are some ways you can save money with your insurance company. One way you can save is by paying your premium all at once. Most insurance companies give discounts if you pay in full because it is less work for them. Making monthly payments creates more work for them, and they add a percentage each month.

Another way to save is through different types of discounts. If your driving record shows that you are a safe driver, you might be able to get a deduction. You have less risk of getting into an accident, which means less risk for the insurance company.

Give Us A Call

Many things could help you save, including your age, your gender, and being a safe driver. Visit or contact us at Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX.

4 Moments to update your life insurance

Few debate "why" you should have life insurance. Deciding "when" can be a little more tricky. Many inaccurately assume that life insurance is only important as you get older. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, owning a life insurance policy earlier is actually less expensive, allowing you to lock in premiums while you’re young. Life insurance is crucial throughout every stage of life.

Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC knows it should grow with you too. serving the greater Midlothian, TX community, our agents believe clients should routinely update and modify their policies to best reflect their current needs.

Here are the four life moments that call for an immediate review of your life insurance coverage:

Getting married

Walking down the aisle is a financial union. If a spouse suddenly passed away, debt could stack up. Life insurance protects the surviving partner.

Buying a home

Most families need two sources of income when paying off a mortgage. Life insurance can supplement lost wages, enabling your spouse and kids to stay in their home even after you’re gone.

Having a baby

Sleep a little easier. While having a baby is stressful enough, life insurance is a security blanket. It ensures your newborn’s future is safe.

Retiring from work

Life insurance’s primary purpose is to replace lost wages. As you near retirement, this becomes less important. Social Security and pensions may be enough. Because of these benefits, retirement may be the perfect time to actually decrease your life insurance protection.

Give Us A Call

Let Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX craft a policy that meets your needs at every stage of life. Schedule an appointment today.

Things You Need to Know When Choosing Home Insurance Coverage

Your home is likely your most valuable asset, so it’s important to protect it with the right insurance coverage. Our experienced insurance agents at Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX, can help you choose the right home insurance coverage for your needs and budget. But what do you need to know when choosing home insurance coverage?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The Value of Your Home

Your home insurance policy should cover the replacement cost of your home minus any depreciation. To determine the replacement cost of your home, an insurance company will consider the size, type, and age of your home and the cost of materials and labor in your area.

The Contents of Your Home

Your home insurance policy will also cover the contents of your home up to a certain limit. This includes furniture, clothing, electronics, and other personal belongings. If you have high-value items such as jewelry or art, you may need additional coverage to insure them for their full value.

Types of Coverage

There are different types of home insurance coverage, and the one you choose will depend on your needs. For example, if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you may want to purchase windstorm insurance. Or, if you have a home office, you may need to purchase business equipment coverage.


Many insurers offer discounts on home insurance premiums, so be sure to ask about them. For example, you may get a discount if you have a security system or your home is newly constructed.

Contact Us Today

If you need help choosing home insurance coverage, our experienced insurance agents at Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX, are here to assist you. Call us for help finding the right policy for your needs and budget.

Important Auto Insurance Facts To Consider

Amy Tounget Insurance Agency, LLC serves the Midlothian, TX community. We use our relationships with multiple carriers throughout the state to provide our clients with flexible coverage options. We recognize that each of our clients has a unique situation. We take the time to consult with them and find a solution. We are confident that we can help you obtain coverage to minimize risks.

Important Auto Insurance Facts To Consider

Auto insurance adds a layer of protection as your travel around Midlothian, TX and other parts of the state. An accident can happen at any moment. That’s why it’s important to obtain coverage. Auto insurance covers you if your vehicle suffers damage in a collision with another car or object. You are also covered if you’re held responsible for the collision. Liability coverage protects your assets by covering any property damage and necessary medical treatment. If you are injured in an auto accident, personal injury protection will step in to cover your medical treatment and recovery.

Comprehensive coverage is another option to consider. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized. You are also covered if your vehicle is damaged due to a collision with an animal. This is something to watch out for if you are driving through rural parts of the state. Texas is also prone to natural disasters. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it suffers damage due to severe weather.

There are a few factors that may influence your policy. The amount of driving that you do may influence your policy. Driving more frequently increases the chances that you may be involved in a collision. If you have a high-end vehicle, you’ll need to amend your policy in order to fully cover any potential damages.

Get Auto Insurance Today

Amy Tounget Insurance Agency, LLC can get you the right coverage today. Give us a call and get started. 

Choose an Eco-Friendly Burial and Give Back to the Environment

Choosing an eco-friendly burial is a great way to give back to the environment. There are many options available, from traditional cemeteries to natural burial grounds. You can even choose to have your ashes scattered in a particular place. Whatever you decide, ensure you have the right life insurance coverage from Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX to help with your final expenses.

The Environmental Benefits of Green Burial

Green burial is when the body is buried in an environmentally friendly way, and it has many benefits.

  • One benefit of green burial is that it does not require the use of harmful chemicals. Traditional burial methods often involve the use of formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. Green burial does not use chemicals.
  • Green burial is energy efficient. Cremation requires a lot of energy to heat the body to the high temperatures needed to turn it into ashes. Green burial requires little to no power.
  • Some green burials do not require land use. A body buried in a traditional cemetery takes up a lot of space. This space could be used for other things, such as planting trees or gardens.

How To Arrange For A Green Burial

There are a few things to consider when planning a green burial.

Find a funeral or cemetery certified by the Green Burial Council first. In addition to choosing an eco-friendly casket or shroud, you’ll need to plan for the burial. Many companies make eco-friendly burial products out of sustainable materials such as bamboo, wool, and recycled paper. A special place in nature should be chosen and the burial site should be prepared appropriately.

Of course, the best way to ensure your burial and final services will be paid to invest in a life insurance policy. At Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC, we’re here to help our Midlothian, TX neighbors find the policy that fits your individual needs.

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Your Home Gym?

Like many people, you’re considering a home gym to skip the trip to the fitness center. But before you do, it’s essential to consider whether your home insurance will cover it. Most home insurance policies cover exercise equipment, but some limits exist.

Here’s what you need to know about insuring your home gym:

What Are the Limits?

Your home insurance policy likely covers your exercise equipment. However, there may be some limits. For example, if you have an expensive piece of equipment, your policy may have a dollar limit on coverage. Your Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC agent can explain any limitations on your policy and help you decide if additional coverage is necessary to protect your belongings in Midlothian, TX.

What Type of Claims Are Covered?

It’s also important to note that home insurance typically only covers damage caused by something unexpected, like a fire or severe weather. So, if you damage your equipment while using it, your home insurance likely won’t cover the repair or replacement costs. But if a windstorm blows a tree through your window and damages your treadmill, your home insurance may cover the cost to repair or replace the equipment.

Does Depreciation Play a Role?

Another thing to remember is that home insurance policies typically reimburse you for the actual value of your damaged property, not the replacement cost. So, if you have an older piece of equipment, your home insurance policy may only cover a fraction of the price you paid initially.

Give Us A Call

Before setting up a home gym, check with Amy Tounget Insurance Agency LLC in Midlothian, TX to see if your home insurance policy will cover it. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get the coverage you need.

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